CoviMap UI/UX (Imagined and Designed)

Problem Statement:

  1. Donor
  2. Receiver
  1. Verifying each and every account.
  2. Providing every available information most sustainably through the map.
  3. Creating a medium for Help Seeker
All information regarding every page and their role to make the app more easy and friendly for users.
  1. Home Page: The Home Page is covered with a map and list of highly essential things for such a Pandemic. Including with Search bar, Scrollable Menu bar with various options like Hospital, Clinics, Blood and Plasma, Oxygen, Ventilator Beds, Chemists, Ambulance and much more making it more friendly for users even in an emergency with an Explore Page below it.
  2. Explore Page: Explore Page include all important nearby locations such as COVID Centers, Hospitals, Green Zone, Red Zone. Also providing information about Campaigns.
  3. Saved: Event, posts, requests, campaign details, and every important thing saved for later will appear here.
  4. Contribute Page: All information related to nearby contribution events including the Donor eligibility test and provided with every possible way to contribute to such COVID-19 crisis. Certificates, badges are collected and showcased here to keep donors energetic and enthusiastic for every next donation.
  5. Update Page: The update page includes all Notifications, Emergency cases list, information about all upcoming Campaigns, Donation Requests, Messages, and Recommendations. So the person in need can directly ask for help.

Let’s fight this Virus by Staying home, Staying Safe.




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Bhhavesh D

Bhhavesh D

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