“E-MILK”- A Milk delivery platform (UI/UX design)

Problem Statement:

During such a COVID-19 crisis, everything is compacted and everything has become limited. In today's day and age, access to almost everything is shifted to digital means. E-method is becoming a primary thing for serving our daily needs. Everything is available online except for some basic daily needy things. Which forced me to think about why milk and all related things are not available and why people prefer to buy it by going to shops and marts. So I come with some reasons. People don't trust the product regarding food and consuming things regarding quality. So choosing milk product the challenge is to design a Milk Delivery App to deliver quality milk to people at their own convenience.

Understanding the goal(why):

I believe this product is important for major two reasons-

  1. Almost every person is a potential customer: First thing that people look forward to is basic fulfilling daily needs such as milk, eggs, tea, sugar, etc., as required. But milk is consumed by vegans as well non-vegans, consumed by all ages of the person, in coffee, in tea, and all of such type.
  2. Comparatively new concept with less competition: Even though everything is available online but still everyone prefers to buy all food-consuming products in shops and marts. So the development of providing/selling such products doesn't have that gradual growth as compared to other products.

Defining the audience: As per all audience we can categorize them into two high-level

  1. Commercial: Retailers and local traders mostly buy mostly for their customers on a large number
  2. Residential: Customers who need milk and prefer to buy it from a local retailer and distributor. Still, in residential, there are mostly 3 types of customers.

Regular delivery of packed milk by nearby shopkeepers or retailers.

Regular delivery of open milk by local milkmen.

Purchasing milk directly from shops(accordingly)


Considering every problem and keeping the user as a top priority creating an app according to it was quite tough but breaking every problem into small problems helped me to solve every problem in my most productive and creative way.

Defining task:

  1. First building trust among our users.
  2. Providing milk in a sustainable way.
  3. Creating account
  4. Entering the location
  5. Showing detailed information about the product.
  6. Providing options so that customers can choose according to their needs.
  7. Add in cart
  8. View cart.
  9. Choose a one-time order or creating a subscription plan.
  10. Payment of order.
All information regarding every page and their role to make the app more easy and friendly for users.

What is the future scope?

According to research users also buy bread, biscuits, dairy products, eggs, fruits, etc., So in the future, we can extend our service by providing breakfast products, dairy products, and eggs.

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